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Getting clients doesn't have to be hard...

One of the good things about online marketing is that there a TON of things that work. The problem is that you have no clue on where to start because you are overwhelmed with all of the information that's out there! You've grabbed all the free gifts, watched all the webinars and YouTube videos, did a TON of Google searches for blog posts, and now you're not sure WHAT to do! You just want simple, proven strategies that are easy to follow with step by step blueprints.

You hate sending emails to your list because when you login to your email marketing tool, you're reminded of how small your email list size is. You cringe when anyone asks you "What's the size of your email list?". You're ashamed and wished you'd be ahead by now. Oh, and appearing on telesummits and podcasts? Not a chance! You don't have a 5,000 person email list.

I know all of this because I've been there. I've tested the strategies to grow your email list and get clients. I've done all the "things" when it comes to getting more people in your courses and programs. You know what I've learned? You have to find what works for YOU! That's what the Lead Generation Gameplan is all about. 

In the Lead Generation Gameplan, you'll create your own, personalized game plan for generating leads for YOUR business that's fun and easy for YOU! I'll show you my multiple strategies and tactics on generating leads and show you how to execute them in their your own business.

Why I started the Lead Generation Gameplan...

I'm seeing online entrepreneurs, like yourself, struggling to build their email list and get clients, when it can be MUCH easier.

When I first got into online entrepreneurship, I wanted to grow my email list and get clients. I went from a small email list of 200 to over 1,000 in less than 1 year using Facebook Ads. Other online entrepreneurs took note and asked me to help them with growing their email list, filling their courses and programs with online launches, and increasing attendance at their events. I was enjoying helping online entrepreneurs achieve $30k launches and growing their email lists by the thousands but I also noticed something else...

For every online entrepreneur that I did help get results with Facebook Ads, there were 10 other online entrepreneurs who were struggling with building their email list and getting clients. They were spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads with nothing to show for it. So, I created a course to help them get results with Facebook Ads. I was so tired of hearing "Facebook Ads don't work" when I knew it wasn't the truth. My course was a success! Online entrepreneurs were getting leads into their business, getting clients, and filling their courses and programs! 

Since then, I learned to diversify HOW I was getting clients and building my email list. I didn't rely just on Facebook Ads. What's the saying? You shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket? 

I hosted 5 day challenges, hosted my own telesummits, participated in giveaways, built my email list through livestreaming on Periscope and Facebook Live (I even have my bronze badge as a Periscope VIP!) was interviewed on podcasts, and invited to participate on other collaboration projects. All the while, I was building my email list, getting clients, and enrolling more people in my courses and programs. 

I started to teach these same techniques to my 1 on 1 private clients and they were getting results as well. Now, I'm ready to share those same strategies with YOU! In the Lead Generation Gameplan, I'll show you how to grow your email list any time and by as much as you want! (This isn't some loaded promise, it's the truth!) If you're still struggling to get to that coveted 5k email list, no problem! The Lead Generation Gameplan can help you get there. 

Oh, and for those of you you who are struggling to appear on telesummits and podcasts, but keep getting rejected because you don't have a 5k email list size? I'll show you my ninja tricks to get the host to say "YES!" even when you don't have a 5k email list size. (True story: Out of the 100+ podcasts and telesummits that I've been invited to be on, I've only been rejected ONCE because I didn't have a 5k list. The irony is that the host who rejected me came back a year later and invited me on her telesummit!)

What makes the Lead Generation Gameplan different?

Proven list-building, lead generation strategies, and support from a mentor who is committed to your success!

What makes the Lead Generation Gameplan different than other groups out there is that it's specifically for online entrepreneurs who want to grow their email list and get clients with a customized lead generation gameplan for their business that's fun and easy to implement. 

If you're reading this, you've tried EVERYTHING to build your email list and get clients. You've grabbed all the free gifts, watched all the webinars and YouTube videos, did a TON of Google searches for blog posts, and now you're not sure WHAT to do! You know some of these strategies can work because you see other online entrepreneurs doing it and THEY'RE having success! You know if they can get these strategies to work for them and be 6-7-8 figure entrepreneurs, then you can too! 

You want those results also but you're not sure if it can happen in your own business. You start to lose confidence and think that online entrepreneurship may not be for you. Yet, you don't want to give up! You see other online etrepreneurs having success so you know it's possible.

The key is finding what works for YOU. The problem is that you have no clue on where to start because you are overwhelmed with all of the information that's out there! You want to talk to someone every month so you know if you're heading in the right direction. Someone who can point out where you're going wrong and how to fix it. Someone who's actually going to answer your questions honestly about building your email list and getting clients. Someone who's actually committed to you getting the best results possible while making it simple and fun. 

Is this is you, welcome to the Lead Generation Gameplan! I've created the Lead Generation Gameplan just for YOU, an online entrepreneur who wants to grow their email list, get more clients, and increase enrollment in your programs and courses with an easy lead generation system that works for you and your business. 

The Lead Generation Gameplan is for you if...

  • You are an online entrepreneur who has tried EVERYTHING when it comes to building your email list and getting clients with nothing to show for it. You're ready for mentorship with someone who has a proven system and will provide support.
  • You are an online entrepreneur who is tired of trying to figure it out "this online business thing" on your own. You're looking for a mentor who has had success to show you the ropes. 
  • You have an online course or program you're looking to fill it.
  • You don't have an online course or program yet, but you do offer 1 on 1 coaching packages and you'd like to get more clients. 
  • You have a small to moderate email list (less than 5,000 email subscribers) and you're looking to massively grow your email list. 

If that's you, then let's do it! Click on the button below and get on the waitlist!

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Here's what you get inside the Lead Generation Gameplan...

Ads Made Easy Academy

You'll get access to the Ads Made Easy Academy, my proven 5 step system on how to create a working and converting Facebook Ad for your business. HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs have used this blueprint to have Facebook Ad success in their business and I know you will too! 

Monthly Mastermind

Our monthly masterind session is where the magic happens! Meet with other members of the community in a virtual setting to get feedback and ideas on what you're working on for your business. This is dedicated time where we can help you from being "stuck" to moving forward in no time!

Lead Generation Masterclasses 

Every month, there will be a masterclass on a lead generation tactic that you can use to grow your email list, get clients, or fill your online course/program. Topics include:

  • Participating in online giveaways
  • Get clients from Facebook Groups
  • How to land virtual speaking gigs
  • Making sales with livestreaming
  • Host your own list building event
  • Recurring revenue with a small email list
  • And more! 

Hot Seats + Q&A

Every month, you will have the opportunity to ask me ANY questions you have about lead generation, list building, Facebook Ads or your sales funnel. This is the time for me to have my eyes on YOUR business to easily fix or tweak anything that's not working. 

Virtual Retreats 

Every quarter, there will be a virtual retreat on an advanced lead generation strategy. The virtual retreats are structured for implementing a specific strategy into your business. Topics include:

  •  How to monetize your Facebook Ads with one-time offers (get your ads paid for while you're running them!) 
  • Grow your email list using Facebook Live
  • And more!

Quarterly Challenges 

It's not enough to know and learn lead generation strategies, but I'm sure you want to actually use them. Every quarter, we'll have challenges where you can implement the lead generation strategies that you have learned and win prizes!

Special Guest Trainings

I'm blessed to have a lot of friends and colleagues who are amazing at what they do. From self-care for busy moms and confidence for entrepreneurs to figuiring out the "techie" stuff and how to write your book. If you're struggling with it or want to know more about it, I'll have one of my friends or colleagues do a virtual training just for us!  

Bonus #1: Facebook Ad Reviews

Every month, you have the opportunity to submit your Facebook Ad and I will personally review it and provide you feedback. This will save you time and money wondering if your Facebook Ad will convert and work. ($497 Value) 

Bonus #2: Monthly Gameplan

At the end of each month, you will receive a gameplan on the lead generation strategy that we covered. This gameplan is complete with a step by step roadmap so you can see what is needed to implement the strategy in your business. ($297 Value) 

Bonus #3: Ticket to Lead Generation Gameplan Live

Join me for Lead Generation Gameplan Live in October 2019! This exclusive 3 day live event is available ONLY to Lead Generation Gameplan members and 50 tickets are sold to the public. This is where you will learn advanced lead generation strategies to increase your sales and clients. ($997 Value) 

Bonus #4: Member discount for 1 on 1 time 

Get up to 50% off on coaching packages and VIP Days when you become a member of the Lead Generation Gameplan. This is perfect for those who need 1 on 1 support from time to time. ($1,500 Value) 

Annual Membership Bonus: Bonus Call with Kristen 

Let me welcome you to the Lead Generation Gameplan! On our call, I will get to know you, your business, your business goals, and create a lead generation strategy that can double your email list and bring more clients into your business. ($1,500 Value) 

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What do my clients say about me? Here are just a couple of stories...

"Before working with Kristen, I was terrified of Facebook ads. It felt complicated and I was worried about wasting money. Kristen walked me through everything and made me feel like it was manageable. I was able to generate 70 leads in two weeks, spending about $3 per lead, on really targeted, appealing Facebook ads. Compare that to $5000 for a sponsorship table and 120 leads!"

Allison Volk - Blog Babe

"I took Kristen's Facebook Ads course and I am delighted to report that I finally had a Facebook ad convert for me - I had 133 leads in 3 weeks! The best part of this training for me was learning how to use audience insights to target my ideal clients. I was able to confidently build my list with people who engaged with me and found value in my content."

Teena Evert - Love Relationship Compatibility Mentor

Who am I? That's a good question...

I'm Kristen Robinson and I make Facebook Ads fun and easy to understand!  

Hi, I'm Kristen Robinson! I'm the Lead Generation Specialist of KR Design. I help online coaches and mentors generate more leads for their launches and promotions using Facebook Ads and other lead generation tactics.  

Not too long ago, I was like you. Seriously! I had some success in my business and I couldn't wait to launch my new group program. I knew my ideal client but I didn't know how to reach them. I had an email list but it was a really small one (less than 1,000 people!). I had done 2 online launches and they failed miserably. I began to doubt myself. Maybe I wasn't cut out for entrepreneurship.  

I was on Facebook scrolling through my NewsFeed and kept seeing all these ads. How am I seeing these ads? Is this something that could work for me? I started doing research on how I could get started with Facebook Ads. On my 3rd Facebook Ad campaign, I grew my email list from 200 to 400 in less than 10 days and only spending $10 per day. I was onto something!

I looked at what I had done during that Facebook Ad campaign and duplicated my steps. My next Facebook Ad campaign was incredible! My email list finally reached 1,000 email subscribers and I did it in less than 90 days. I was hooked! I started doing Facebook Ads for my 5 day challenges, my webinar launches...everything! Whenever I needed more leads in my business, I used Facebook Ads.  

Friends, colleagues, and other entrepreneurs saw the results of my Facebook Ad campaigns and wanted to know how I was having this much success with Facebook Ads. I reverse engineered what I had done and eureka! I created my own 5 step system on how to create a Facebook Ad that works and converts! Over time, it has evolved and is now known as my Facebook Ad Blueprint. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs sucessfully use Facebook Ads in their business. 

Fast forward to today and I don't rely ONLY on Facebook Ads to get me clients and grow my email list. If there's one thing I've learned from being an online entrepreneur, is that you have to diversify HOW you build your email list and generate leads. While I do LOVE using Facebook Ads (and run Facebook Ads often), I don't like that to be my ONLY way of building my email list. What's the saying? You don't want all of your eggs in 1 basket?

Over the last couple of years, I have learned how to generate leads into my business using more than just Facebook Ads and I'm so excited to share my strategies with you!

What if you could...

  • Create a step by step system that grows your email list and works specifically for YOU? 
  • Get consistent clients and enroll more people into your courses and programs and it's fun?
  • Avoid the mistakes that cost entrepreneurs thousands of dollars when it comes to lead generation?
  • Have someone break it down so that lead generation strategies are easy to understand and implement?
  • Stop wasting time trying to figure out the "hottest list building strategy" and have someone show you EXACTLY how to do it?  

Then, let's do it!

That is what the Lead Generation Gameplan is all about! It's for online entrepreneurs like you who want to sell out their online courses, programs, and services, get more clients with easy lead generation strategies that work for them and their business with the guidance from an experienced mentor, so you can finally stop wasting time trying to figure it out on your own and build a business that supports your lifestyle.